David Wanson

David Wanson

I have professional photography experience of about 18 years and I would to share my experience with lenses built by different brands. As a professional photographer from the USA, I have used a number of photography lenses during that time. As a result of my experience with these programs, I would like to share my experiences with you on this website. I wish for this website to serve as the final destination for people seeking the best lenses to suit their needs. Our unbiased reviews can be found on cameraslens.

Best way to Change Camera Shutter Speed

how to change shutter speed for camera

If you’re a Canon camera user, you know that there are a lot of different settings and features to play around with. One of those settings is shutter speed, which can be adjusted to capture different types of images. The…

The best outdoor Cameras for bird photography

best camera for bird photography

Observing wild birds in their natural habitat has recently gained popularity. While most birders observed bird activity, others framed their aesthetic within the context of the bird’s movement. Bird photography is one of wildlife photography’s most challenging and rewarding fields.…

The Best 9 Zoom Lenses for Sony Model

best zoom lens for sony

As a passionate photography enthusiast, I’ve gradually honed my skills and evolved into a professional photographer. My journey has been filled with constant practice and the pursuit of perfection. When it comes to high-quality zoom lenses, Tamron is a well-known…

The Best 5 video Cameras under 500$

best 500 video camera for recording

The purpose of purchasing the highest-quality video camera under $500 is to film high-quality videos while still within the budget for those who wish to do so.  While the term video camera has a broad definition, we will recommend a…

The Best 10 Lens for Alpha Sony A6600

best lens for Sony A6600

Being a professional or a new photographer, you need a perfect camera with a suitable lens and the type of capture you will take. For this purpose, Sony A6600 is a high-end mirrorless camera released in 2019. It’s one of…

The Best 11 Lenses for Canon Rebel T7

best camera lens for canon Rebel T7

As we know, the world is growing faster towards technology. When we come to a camera, we already know and see that it has many features, specifications, and many other things. Everything comes with a choice from basic to a…

How Long Does Each Canon Battery Last?

How Long Does Canon Battery Last

A camera battery is essential when looking at a camera because it will be useless if its battery is worse. So while purchasing a camera, it is an important thing you need to do. Now we come to the canon…